Enabling our customers to grow OTT services in the "underserved" media markets of the world

New OTT Growth Strategies

We all take for granted that we can access whatever content we want, when we want on the device of our own choosing. However, for billions of people around the world this is not the case. They either do not have access to the internet because it just doesn’t exist or it is unaffordable to the masses.


AiStream brings both the technology platform and an ecosystem approach to support customers building out in the underserved media markets of the world.


"OTT in a box" 

AiStream provides a single software platform that can run on anything from a handheld device or network appliance to an infinitely scalable cloud service. It is capable of delivering an OTT service irrespective of the available internet infrastructure. 

NO Data Charges  

In all deployment scenarios it is possible to deliver an excellent quality of experience to your subscribers without them incurring any of the data charges normally associated with a mobile centric SVOD model.

New Business Models

Our pricing and business model removes the normal commercial constraints and barriers to entry normally associated with launching a traditional OTT service. Our revenues will always be aligned to our customers success


AiStream Solution

AiStream Management Platform

AiStream brings together all the essential elements required to run an OTT service. The Content Management System and Subscriber Management System are designed to be available on a standalone, federated or centralised basis. Allowing the service to combine and configure the essential functions depending on the locations requirements.


AiStream Edge

In regions that do not have high levels of credit card or mobile payments a voucher code system can be deployed in local retailers to get access to the service. 


When this is coupled with low cost AiStream Media Hubs at strategic locations it is possible to stand up a service quickly and efficiently at minimal cost. All accessed via the AiStream Player.


Flexible Deployment Options

The AiStream solution allows customers to manage and maintain their service using multiple content delivery strategies depending on the nature of the location, the consumer behaviours and sustainable commercial business models in each market. Services can now be deployed and delivered at the very Edge of the network. The same solution can be deployed standalone or within the most advanced Wi-Fi and 5G networks.

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AiStream Ecosystem

The AiStream value proposition is based upon the highly configurable software platform. However, this is complimented by an ecosystem of suppliers. customers and partners who we connect with and bring together to support the launch of these frontier OTT deployments. 

Service Providers


Government and Education



Content Owners and Aggregators



About Us

The AiStream Media Platform provides a way to reach and acquire the unconnected billion plus providing the content owners as well as the service providers a new market for their content wares and then take them on a journey to a full blown connected experience once infrastructure is mature. The platform also enables services in areas of poorer connectivity in the connected world by creating edge media services and acting as a bridge to 5G networks. We enable our customers to monetise their content through new eye balls by means of advertising and new revenue streams. 


The team at AIStream is made up of industry experts who have worked both on the telecom side and media delivering OTT services globally with companies like BT, Ericsson, Vodafone, Ooredoo, Virgin Media, ESPN etc. This in turn is supplemented by a strong community of Advisors and Non-Execs who are providing invaluable support to the team.



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